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Dr. Day’s Journey Into The Third Act

A podcast for all those who care to enter into this phase with their eyes wide open

I recently had a birthday.  My 63rd!  Right around that time I started getting a different line of questions from family and friends.  Instead of how’s life? and How are the kids and family?  I began to hear, “When are you retiring?” and  “How long do you want to work?”  In short, they were asking me about my plans for my Third Act. The truth is, I hadn’t given a lot of thought to it.  I still believe I will always be doing something like this….and having fun with it.  But, I found I had more questions than answers.  I decided to use the well tested successful strategy I always use….consult the people who know more about the subject than me.   


You are cordially invited to come along with me and my team as we explore how others are successfully navigating their Third Act. Together we will explore some of the questions I have, and ask some of your questions too,  about this most interesting chapter of life. Take a seat and learn right along with me as we learn the secrets to successfully navigating Your Third Act.

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