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YOUR Third Act:
Navigating Graceful Aging with Knowledge and Community

In theater, book, film and in life,  Your Third Act has great meaning. Everything culminates in the third act: the grand finale. It is where the subplot, every character, every painstakingly crafted relationship and theme that you've pieced together are revealed. In most cases, the third act is the shortest part of your script, but it is also the most consequential. says the third act aims to resolve all the story lines in a satisfying manner, resolve conflict and tie up any loose ends. Much like in life, the third act is a time for resolution. For many it begins in the early 50’s and continues throughout one’s lifespan.

The mission of Education for Quality Living’s new initiative Your Third Act is to create a forum where women can learn, discuss and post questions and get answers about matters related to healthy aging, including: career transitions, retirement, physical and health challenges, staying socially active, feeling connected to your community and loved ones, and the loss of loved ones.

The goal is to help one another age gracefully and gratefully by dispelling myths, and providing facts from both the research and expert community and through the thoughts and experience of those who have  lived experiences about all things related to aging well. Using Blogs, Podcasts, workshops (online and face-to-face) together we will explore the concerns of women 50+ today in a safe, judgment free, easy to understand, research based, professional and easy to navigate sharing environment. It will be like talking to a smart girlfriend, someone you trust, someone who knows where to go for the answers. 

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