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Education for Quality Living

Empowering Women Transforming Lives 



It starts with our mission, Education for Quality Living (EQL) is dedicated to equipping our members to make informed decisions about their life and health through our tailored programs. We aspire to be a catalyst for empowerment as we walk beside you in Your Third Act providing insights and enriching conversations. Together, we will unlock new potential, purpose, and vitality that results in living Your Third Act with confidence.

- Charlene Day, CEO

Equipping our members to make informed decision about their life and health through virtual and in-person workshops, podcasts, blogs, and sister circles.

Healthy aging

living your best life

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Grandma and Grandchild in Embrace

Calling ALl Current/future grandparents

Empowering the baby boomer generation and beyond with cutting-edge baby care strategies, ensuring we all become the best grandparents ever while keeping newborns safe and thriving. Join us in!

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